2008 Review

The 2nd Annual Lufkin Hamfest officially ended Saturday, June 21 with the drawing for our grand prize, the IC-2200H mobile transceiver. Congratulations to B. B. Stanfield, KE5JER our grand prize winner. B. B. is a member of both the Lufkin and Nacogdoches clubs and was present to receive his prize at the time of the drawing.

This year Lufkin Hamfest, 2008 was co-hosted by the Deep East Texas and Nacogdoches ARC’s. NARC not only provided the VE Testing team offering all examination levels for Amateur Radio licensing but they also provided a most excellent menu of food and drinks along with a dedicated group of “cooks, ‘barkers’ and servers”. The NARC VE Testing team and all associated with Hamfest congratulate the 5 new Technicians added to our ranks of Amateur Radio operators along with 1 operator upgrading to General Class. A total of 10 folks were tested. The NARC VE Testing team and all associated with Hamfest congratulate the Technician’s added to and General’s and Extra’s that advanced in our ranks of Amateur Radio Operators.

The excellent facilities for Hamfest were provided again this year by Denman Avenue Baptist Church. As last year, many attendees complimented the ease of locating and accessing the Church as well as its splendid facilities. On behalf of DETARC and NARC memberships and everyone that participated in Hamfest, I want to thank Denman Avenue Baptist Church for their interest and continuing support of Amateur Radio in general and particularly in our community. Their generosity is exemplary.

Over a dozen members of the Lufkin DETARC and a similar number from NARC volunteered hours of their time and energy on Saturday, June 21 to make our 2nd Annual Lufkin Hamfest a grand success. Each one deserves individual recognition. However, at my age I know better than to even attempt such a feat. Fortunately, each one was easily identified by anyone that attended. They were the folks that did everything and did it right. They directed parking and vendor traffic, provided “talk-in” instructions on the “94″ repeater, set up and took down tables and chairs, made signs, put signs up and took them down, ran errands, prepared and served food, set up and cleaned up the kitchen, sold raffle tickets and Hamfest T-shirts, conducted VE examinations, collected registration cards, emptied trash cans, swept floors, and even monitored restrooms to make sure “necessities” were always available. Watching each perform not only their assigned duties, but, observing their interactions and willingness to pitch in and help with any task at hand was an inspiration and typical of DETARC and NARC members. Without you, this event could not and would not have taken place.

However, I must single out Andy Delgado, KE5EXX for special recognition. Andy walked a mile further than the rest of us. Andy provided our www.lufkinhamfest.com website and he spent many ensuing months adding and continuously updating website information. Andy arranged for Lufkin Hamfest to be listed on the ARRL website and in QST magazine. Andy’s efforts gained us the largest contributing Hamfest Sponsor, Motorhomes of Texas and was the primary designer of our Hamfest T-shirt. Can’t place him? Andy is currently President of NARC, was the principal food “barker” for nacho’s and sausage-on-a-stick at Hamfest and is the father of a Ham!

Our “official” participation this year was up from last year by 30%. The number of inside vendors/tables was up by 100% with only a few vendors set up in the tailgating area. The lack of outside vendor participation may have been influenced by the prediction of scattered thunder storms and by the availability of additional inside vendor tables. As predicted a thunderstorm was in full swing by 11 AM , but, provided sufficient warning for anyone wishing to move inside.

Speaking on behalf of the Lufkin Hamfest Committee, 2008, and on behalf of everyone involved, thank you for making this 2nd Annual Lufkin Hamfest the best ever.

New Highlights of Hamfest, 2008 included:

- Co-Sponsorship of Lufkin Hamfest by DETARC and NARC

- The creation of www.lufkinhamfest.com website and Lufkin Hamfest listing on the ARRL website.

- National listing of Lufkin Hamfest in QST, CQ and World Radio Magazines.

- Distribution of Lufkin Hamfest flyers at Belton Hamfest.

- Creation and sale of Hamfest T-shirts.

- Seven local/national sponsors.

- Thirty-three door prizes valued in excess of $450.00

- Grand prize, ICOM IC-2200H, value $160.00



The ones I heard were all complementary or food-for-thought. Here are some examples.

- This was my first time and I really enjoyed your Hamfest. Hope you do it again next year.

- It was great seeing all the additional vendors this year.

- I couldn’t attend Plano. Thanks for being close by.

- At $4 a gallon for gas (and higher), we won’t be going to many swapfests. This one is growing. Keep it going!

- Great turnout and a lot more to pick from than last year.

- We got your flyer at the Hamfest in Belton.

- It was great to see the Lufkin Hamfest listed in QST.

- Listing Lufkin Hamfest on the ARRL website was probably your best means of advertising.

- Thanks for your website. It gave us all the information we needed.

- How did you guys get a “.com” website?

- Thanks for having food and drinks available. The links-on-a-stick were really good!

- I’ve never been to a Hamfest with so many door prizes.

- When will you get some vendors selling new radio equipment?

- You need to try to attract a commercial vendor selling transceivers and other major Ham radio gear. Maybe they would sponsor a really big grand prize.

- It’s almost a 3-hour drive for us, but, we had good sales last year and hope to do as good or better this year. Lufkin is a good location for a Hamfest. Hope you can continue.

- Congratulations. Looks like more participation this year and a much bigger selection of “stuff”.

Yes, congratulations to all for a job very well done.

Lufkin Hamfest Committee Members:
Todd Alston, KE5IMR
Andy Delgado, KE5EXX
Allen Foster, KE5JEM
B. B. Stanfield, KE5JER
Jerry Wilson, K5JLW, Chairman