2011 Review

Lufkin Hamfest 2011 – Final Report

Submitted by Jerry Wilson – October 27, 2011

Lufkin Hamfest 2011 has come and gone and we had a great turnout, a lot of fun and a load of prizes. Hot coffee and donuts were in abundance for the early arrivers. By 8:30 a.m. breakfast and midmorning food was ready and over $870 in prizes were drawn for and one given away every 8 to 10 minutes. Our Grand Prize was an ICOM IC-2200H, 2-meter mobile transceiver, given away at 12-noon.

Thank you all for attending, we’ll see you next year! 73′s

Jerry Wilson, K5JLW

Charman, Lufkin Hamfest

Committee Members:
Andy Delgado, KE5EXX
Steve Glass, KB8QWN
BB Stanfield, KE5JER
Randy Ware, N5CRW
Jerry Wilson, K5JLW

Special Thanks To:
Gene Clay, KE5JEU. Without him Lufkin Hamfest would be lost!
Andy Delgado, Webmaster – www.lufkinhamfest.com

Food and Drink Concession, Nacogdoches ARC
Bill Simpson, N5YA
Kay Simpson
Jimmie Lou Williams